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Message from the Masters: 05/25/21

Message from the Masters
Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse Celestial Gathering
May 26, 2021


Greetings Dear Ones,

We are blessed and honored to commune with you at this moment in time. We are thankful for the inner work you are doing in order to awaken more to your spiritual roots. For in doing so, you open the energetic pathways which allow not only your growth, but of those around you and that are energetically connected to you.

As you know, most will not awaken to the point of enlightenment during their current incarnation. This is known and accepted by us and we hope that you can also come to an understanding that this is meant to be.

There are many who reach out to others, yet it is not true help they are seeking, but an alliance for others to commiserate with them as they hold steadfast to their roles as victims. It is important to recognize the difference between those who are ready to seek higher knowledge and those who are simply looking for others to commiserate with.

Remember your role is a “seed planter” moreso than a “savior.”

Thus, when another comes to you for comfort and/or guidance, offer what you are familiar with and then let it go. It is up to them to choose whether to nurture that seed. They will do so when and if they are ready, which may not be during their current incarnation.

The folly we see that is entrapping many “Lightworkers” is getting caught up with worry and obsessive concern for the spiritual welfare of others. This will only keep you off balance and in so doing, you will not be able to help others balance.

Offer them what they need, in that moment. This could mean offering them something to eat. It could mean that they need a place to rest. Perhaps it is spiritual knowledge that they seek. Offer what you have. If you are taking time to meditate each morning and are tuning in with your Higher Self and spirit Team, then you will know what is best for you to offer at any given moment.

The goal of meditation and connection with your Higher Self and the Masters is to walk with us, drawing on our support and wisdom each waking moment. But there needs to be a balance. We can offer you insights, but it is up to you to follow through and make the choice that leads to the manifestation of your request. This request can be for something physical or non-physical.

Do keep in mind that we will not put forth more effort into your requests than what you expend. To do otherwise will create a codependent imbalance that we will have no part of. Know that all you need resides within you. It is only the blocks that you have adopted through your trials on earth that hinder you from obtaining more and more knowledge and wisdom of your True Roots.

Thus, you are encouraged to set aside time for inner reflection throughout the day.

Ask to be shown the courage to face your fears. Ask to be shown your limiting beliefs so you can release them. For in so doing, you will open the natural flow of Divine Love, which will energize you beyond measure.

Start simple by living in the moment, for that is the point of your creative abilities. This process is simple, yet many fail at this level. That is simply to monitor your thoughts, words and actions. We cannot state this enough, for it is your ticket to freedom.

As soon as you notice you are thinking, saying or participating in something that is of a lower vibration, then refocus your attention to something that is of a higher vibration.

Sometimes you will need to do more inner work in order to pull out the core issues, but be wary of spending too much time in this endeavor. This inner work will keep you focused on the past. Anxiety and worry will keep you focused on the future.

To have a peaceful life, there will need to be a balance of all three. When one is in tune with their Higher Self, which “resides” in your upper heart region, then you will receive the upliftment and knowledge that you seek in any given moment. Each of you has a group of Beings who are there to assist you in resolving problems and staying on the basic course that you have chosen for this life.

Be wary of open-ended requests, asking for Guidance from any being, human or non, for not all are privy to your preincarnation plan and not all have your best interests in mind. Thus, focus on tuning in with your Higher Self and immediate Team and they will call in the etheric and human specialists, as needed.

Remember that gratitude is the medicine for all ailments, on all levels.

So, apply heavy doses throughout your day, especially when you are facing trials and decisions that are hard for you to make.

We are here for you 24/7/365. No request is too trivial or silly. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. But remember, that you must open the door and allow us to help support you. That means clearing out the debris that you have accumulated so that the passage is clear.

Be blessed always, all ways!
The Masters

** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please consider joining us for the next Celestial Gathering. You will receive a personal cleansing and your Team will join us for a global cleanse in order to help restore more peace and harmony on earth.

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