You are currently viewing Full Moon Celestial Gathering Message May 3, 2024

Full Moon Celestial Gathering Message May 3, 2024

Full Moon Celestial Gathering Message
May 3, 2024

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with great joy that we commune with you at this time. We understand the pain and suffering that you are dealing with. Yet, we assure you that there is also much joy that is attainable to those who seek it.

Be mindful of where you place your attention, in each moment. Is what you are focused on something that is uplifting you? Is it bringing you closer to God? Is it bringing you closer to filling your body, mind and emotions with Divine Love? Is it causing you to make uplifting willful choices?

If not, then ask yourself, “Why am I focused here?”

Many are having problems making sound decisions. When this happens, be honest with yourself. Seek any fears or beliefs that are causing you to waiver. Look carefully at any waving “red flags,” for these are your clues that something is amiss.

The more you live in alignment with Divine Love, the easier the choices will be. Why? Because you will have a standard to weigh your decision against. What does that mean? For example, you may be wondering if you should continue with a person you are dating or in business with. There are some red flags and your intuition is screaming, “Back off!” Yet, you still question the decision. Perhaps you fear the monetary loss or other security that this person appears to offer you. Are selling yourself short due to these fears? Perhaps the wavering is due to false beliefs. Although this person doesn’t “feel” right energetically, you ignore the things this person says and does or doesn’t say or do.

Now, with that said, every choice offers pros and cons. Yet, if your standard is measured by Divine Love, then you will have more clarity when it comes to making choices. That is, if you have been doing your “inner work” and letting go of fears, insecurity and truly delving deep into why you hold onto certain beliefs. Without clearing out the past, much of that may be hindering your current moment. That will also affect your future.

Take time these next two weeks to go within. Ask the Creator for Guidance, to show you the false beliefs you have adopted. Take time to look into the history of your belief. When did you take on this belief? Why did you take it on? What was happening when you adopted this belief? Also, look at the history of the belief itself. For example, look at your religious and spiritual beliefs. What is the history of the beliefs you have adopted. When did they begin? Were there earlier roots to that specific religion or belief? Did you inherit and adopt these beliefs blindly from childhood? Have you ever questioned them with an open mind?

When you can become the observer and question your beliefs with an open mind, then the truth will come to you. Ask for Guidance from your Creator, instead of psychics or the neighbor’s dog. Go to the Source, to find the source of each of your beliefs. Then, when it is time to make a decision, you will have not only the red flags and your intuition to rely on, you will have more clarity on the history of the choice you are facing.

Ask questions; do your research. Know what your own parameters are. Ask yourself if you are “selling out” and going into something that crosses your important boundaries? Will this choice take you closer to your goal? Will this choice be in alignment with your spiritual beliefs? Will this choice bring you inner peace? Does this person or will this choice keep you physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually off balance? Weigh these things against the standard of what you want to experience as an ambassador of Divine Love.

In doing so, you may save yourself a lot of grief and easily walk around the wiles of the devil and the world. This does not mean that life will be all roses and puppy kisses. However, you will be able to maintain more inner peace and thus have the clarity to handle all situations with more grace. Then the blocks will fall away and you will walk with more courage and determination.

There is a saying, “go with the flow,” which has a lot of merit. However, you first must choose which flow to align yourself with. You can flow with the gentle current of a small creek. Or you can be battered with the flow of the hurricane in the ocean. Only a fool would sail his boat in a small creek or the eye of a hurricane. Make choices that are in alignment with your desired outcome. Then your sailing adventures are more likely to get you to your destination as you enjoy the journey along the way.

Share this message with those who have ears to hear. Consider joining us in the next Celestial Gathering. Until then, pray that seeds of peace and Divine Love are planted into the hearts and minds of all humans.

Be blessed all ways, always,
Theresa Crabtree

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  1. Ditoh Rohrig

    Always amazing wisdom

    1. admin

      You’ve been one of the most influential people in my life. I am always amazed at how people are drawn to you. Why? Because of your listening skills as well as your caring heart. When people talk to you, they feel heard. That is a major communication skill that most people lack. Thanks for being you!

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