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Message from the Masters, April 11, 2021

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
May 11, 2021


Greetings Dear Ones,

We trust that inwardly you are well and on your way to inner peace. This is a conscious, chosen path that only a few will select. As you weed out anything that brings chaos into your awareness, this peace will more readily become attainable to you.

We offer you a challenge, an opportunity to expedite this inward path.

Take time each day to sit quietly. If you have little children at home, do so when there is another adult available to attend to their needs. If this is not your situation, engage the children in an activity of high interest to them. Then sneak off to the bathroom and hope for the best that your interruptions will be short or preferably, nonexistent.

Sit as comfortably as you can in a way that your body is balanced. This will help to keep the energy flowing and will also have the added benefit of strengthening your body, especially when your spine is as straight as possible.

Take a slow, deep breath inward. Pay attention to the sounds and the feelings of the breath as you intake. Then hold the breath for a moment. Next, allow the breath to slowly release. Again, pay attention solely to the breath as you exhale. Continue this for several breaths until you feel fully relaxed. Some days, this is as far as you will get and that will be enough.

The goal, in the beginning, is to practice relaxing.

So many are caught up in the busy-ness of the day even before they open their eyes in the morning and then collapse into the bed in the evening. There is not much pleasure in such a lifestyle when this is the norm. Thus, take time to do this relaxed breathing.

As you begin to see how easy this experience is, then give yourself this treat more often throughout the day and evening. You can do this exercise while driving, however, be sure to keep your eyes open. If someone else is driving, then you can close your eyes and tell the driver you are taking a little rest.

The more you become accustomed to this simple way to relax, the more you will add moments of peace into your daily life.

As you progress, aim to have more time to spend so that you can obtain deeper and deeper connections with your Soul and Spirit Team, for they have much to share with you. However, it is you that must initiate the conscious connection so that you can ask for the Guidance you seek. Otherwise, you will be more likely not to gather the clues and wisdom they wish to impart to you.

There is nothing more important for an initiate who wishes to improve their lot in life than to connect to their Team and the Masters who are always available for assistance and an outpouring of Love. As you already are aware, if you have blocked the flow of love in your life, it will be harder to receive our Love. It is also harder for you to gift love to others, as well.

Many on earth do not even have the desire to gift or receive love, for their hurts are deep. Thus, relieve the pain you have incurred so that you can be more in tune and receptive to the Divine Love that is everywhere. That Divine Love IS the God you seek and this energy field is All that Is. There is nothing more and nothing less.

Divine Love IS the matrix you hear about and seek to plug into.

This energy is always there, with the Love and wisdom of all that has ever occurred, in all dimensions. And you, my Dear Ones have the ability to tap into this resource on a conscious level, when you are tuned in and not so absorbed in the physical mundaneness that is offered while in human form.

Pull out of the holds of everyday life and treat yourself to a short spa of receiving Divine Love and inspiration, simply by sitting still for a few moments at a time. Then as you receive this Love and feel the effects of sitting quietly, make it more of a priority in your daily routine.

Seek ways that you can exchange time being “busy” with time to sit and bask in All that Is.

Perhaps you have a routine of watching a show on television. Begin to train yourself to use that time to sit in silence. When you awaken in the morning, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual and sit in silence. There are many times and ways you can use to exchange busy time for inward time. We assure you that if you are truly seeking to live consciously, this time will be well spent.

On the subject of time, we will now take our leave from this discourse.

Know that you are loved beyond measure and that we are available to assist you in any moment.
Simply ask and be in a space where you can receive.

Be love,
The Masters


**Dictated by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share with those who have ears to hear. Consider joining us for the next group, remote Celestial Gathering.

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