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Binge TV Epiphany

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Been binge watching the show “Hoarders” for 2 weeks. Started to notice some bad behavioral changes in my life. Went to bed last night with the prayer to understand why I am drawn to this program.

When I woke up this morning, I realized that all night and before I got out of bed, I was thinking about the episodes I had watched. Then realized I was also creating episodes that didn’t exist! It was a reminder that we create our reality based on whatever we are focused on.

I also realized how quickly an addiction can be developed and knock one off balance.

What are your thoughts or experiences with similar situations?



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  1. Dana Bryant

    I totally understand this feeling! I have started playing The Sims again over the past few weeks and sometimes I lose track of time and spend hours playing! 😂 It feels like such a waste of time! I wonder why you are feeling drawn to a horders reality. Do you feel like cleaning out your garage and other clutter? That is so freeing! 🩷

    1. admin

      I enjoy the psychology aspect and watching the person have that healing moment. I’ve worked with hoarders and written a “Klutter Kontrol” pamphlet to help people get organized. I do believe that the way we keep our environment is a reflection of the what is going on inside… from the gamut of OCD cleanliness and order to some of those scenes on the program.

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