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Left, Right, Straight

In early 2002, I was praying to be more in tune with my Inner Self. An exercise came into my mind that sounded like fun, so I decided to give it a try. Each time I did, it led to an interesting adventure.

It has been my habit to start each day asking for guidance and offering myself in service to God. A few of those mornings began with the instruction to get in my truck and start driving. At each intersection, I would be guided to turn left, turn right or to go straight. With practice, the directions became so clear that it felt like someone was in the passenger seat giving me directions.

October 12th, 2002 was one of those mornings. After my prayers, I very clearly heard, “Call Yellowbird and tell him that you have a truck.” Well, I had met Yellowbird the night before. How that meeting came about was an answer to my friend’s prayer. It was another Divinely orchestrated event that I will share at another time.

I was hesitant to make this call to Yellowbird. He would probably think I was crazy. Then I recalled other times when I had received clear, direct instructions but didn’t follow through. Missed opportunities. I resisted for a while but kept getting nagged, “Make the call. Make the call. Make the call, now!”

I got out of bed, by-passing the bathroom, and made a beeline for my cell phone. I called his number, half-hoping there would be no response. No such luck. Yellowbird answered right away. I told him my name and that I had brought the group to him the night before to do the sweat lodge. Then, stammering from nervousness, I managed to tell him that I had felt guided to call him and tell him that I had a truck.

“You have a truck?” was his excited response. He continued by saying that he was preparing for an event and he was in desperate need for someone with a truck. I can’t express the relief I felt and the excitement, because his few words helped solidify that I was truly in tune. This was beyond a coincidence. I asked him, “When do you need the truck?” He said, “Can you come now?” I could feel his relief when I responded, “Yes.”

He gave me the instructions. Sensing the urgency, I make a quick bathroom stop. Then made a peanut butter sandwich and nibbled on it while I got dressed. I had no idea what I was stepping into. For the next four years, my truck and I were called to help him hundreds of times to prepare for ceremonies and other projects.

When I arrived at the ceremonial site, there were two other people helping him. Yellowbird immediately put me into service. My mission was to find around 400 red rocks that were the size of soccer balls or preferably, larger. These were to be used to mark the perimeter of the dance circle. It wasn’t until several weeks later that I found out what the ceremony was about. The focus was on getting the work done in time. No questions or answers were needed. I did what was asked of me, knowing that it was no accident that my truck and I had been called into service.

I had been living in Sedona for several months, but had no clue where to find the sized rocks Yellowbird was needing. I wasn’t even sure if it was legal to gather such rocks. While sitting in my truck, I said a quick prayer, “Ok God, I am going to need help with this one. Please guide me to the easiest places to collect the rocks. I felt a buzz throughout my body. And so, the left, right, straight game began.

Without hesitation, I was led to go to the end of Long Canyon Road. Unknown to me at the time, a golf course was being constructed there. The area I was led to was where the construction company was storing their machinery. They had been bulldozing the site and hundreds of red rocks had been pushed to the side of the dirt road. My heart was filled with gratitude. I had been sure that this project was going to involve climbing up hills at several different sites.

Thankfully, it was Saturday and there were no construction workers. So, it was easy pickings. I drove past the “No Trespassing” signs and parked at the end of the newly graded dirt road. I loaded my truck with the largest red rocks I could pick up. Then I continued by moving the truck forward a few feet to load more. It didn’t take much time or effort to fill the truck with 302 (yeah, I was counting) red rocks of the perfect size. I then collected dead limbs for firewood. It took only one more run, on a different day, to get all the rocks that were needed.

Later, I was to find out that this area was called Rachel’s Knoll. All of the Sedona, Arizona area has been used by the Native Americans as a ceremonial site since ancient times. Rachel’s Knoll, which was private land, had been used as a ceremonial site by the community for years. Rachel had recently died and Seven Canyons had purchased the site. Many of the stones I gathered had been part of other people’s sacred ceremonial circles. So, the rocks and wood were already energetically charged. I love Divine orchestration!

Sometime, if you feel inspired, tune in for guidance and play the left, right, straight game and see what transpires. Be in joy! Theresa

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