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Have you ever been visited by a loved one after their death?

I’d love to hear your experience, if you wish to share it here.


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  1. Marlene Benson

    I visited my grandma after she passed and she introduced me to my grandpa who died before I was born. My dad has visited me though I have felt his presence more than actually seeing him.

    1. admin

      That’s very interesting and exciting how your grandma introduced you to your grandpa! What a blessing!

  2. Nancy Crom

    Yes, my Uncle Bill visited me after he died. It was in a dream. He came to see me at work, where I was teaching 4 year olds. I had them down for a nap. I was so happy to see him-he’s my favorite Uncle! I remember thinking, Wow, he’s so tall-I’d forgotten how tall he was (6’4″) and he had all of his beautiful white hair. He looked happy to see me too. He didn’t speak, but I loved his visit. Afterwards I learned that he had died. He was probably checking on all of us “kids” before he passed. It was especially wonderful because I couldn’t afford to fly in to his funneral. He was always so nice to us kids when we were little, as then as we grew up too.

    1. admin

      What an awesome experience! Don’t you wish we could “fly” like he did… no planes, just be there!?!

  3. arthur cirincione

    I had a friend that I knew for many years. He was in the Self Realization ashram. We lost connection (no cell phone) over the years. I moved to Sedona in 1998 and attended a SRF meditation and he was there. We reconnected and became great friends again. He traveled to Ecuador and eventually moved there. I visited him there and we even bought property together. Some years later he passed away. Our friendship was strong. A few days after he died I felt his presence through knocking on the wall. Was it just wind, I don’t think so. Again I felt his presence with guidance in a business transaction that I had.
    I love my dear brother and always like to hear from him.

    1. admin

      That’s beautiful, Artie! Thanks for sharing!

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