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I have found that the main times I am depressed is because I’m pushing myself harder than I need to.

In those cases, a nap or going to bed early has often helped me with a “reset” button. Then I start the day anew by relaxing the expectations I place on myself or allow others to place on me.

If you would like to help uplift others who have bouts of depression, share some of the ways you have dealt with it in your life.

Smile and have a great day!


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  1. Debee Grant

    That’s super cool, I do the exact same thing. I unplug and go to bed! I also find from experience that it is often that negative self-talking voice that takes me down. If I can manage to shift if with positive affirmations and cultivating loving actions and feelings help enormously! Sometimes we have to take the wheel of out of control negative thoughts! I do anyways. hehe

    1. admin

      So true, Debee!

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