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Have you had this kind of experience?

Decades ago, I was the housecleaner for a Russian family. Months prior, they had purchased two Siamese kittens. Likely they were taken from their mother too soon because they were very needy. I wasn’t fond of them, especially the one who would jump on my back and start kneading with her claws while I tried to wash the bathtub!

One day, while the family was on vacation, I took a friend with me while I fed the cats and changed the litter boxes. I had mentioned to her some of the strange habits these cats had. Then she saw a beautiful portrait of a black panther on the wall. In her mind, she created the belief that these people were dark, the portrait was evil and now the two Siamese kittens were possessed.

What is even odder is that I quickly sucked into her fear and took on the beliefs!  We both panicked, running from the house. I was new on my “awakening” path and called on the two spiritual friends that led groups in the area.

Neither responded, so I realized I would have to find a way to calm myself down and protect myself before I went back to feed them the next day.  As I quieted my mind, I finally got to the point where I asked myself, “Does this really make sense to you?” As I recalled never having bad vibes from the portrait, the home owners or the Siamese twins, I was quickly able to clear the fear.

It was a good lesson in learning how quickly we can get off balance from other’s beliefs and fears. Later, I asked my friends why they didn’t respond. They both said the same thing, “We knew there was no danger and you would figure it out.”

That’s when I learned it’s best to tune in and look at why I picked up this belief. I expanded my inner inquiry and began to look at other beliefs and fears I had picked up from my life that really didn’t make sense anymore.

At first, I was really upset with the two who didn’t call me back. Then, as I looked at it from a different angle, I am glad they didn’t. Their non-response forced me to take matters into my own hands. I also realized that if I had reached out to someone else who also took on the fear, then it would have just escalated the problem. Then there would be the ripple effect every time I shared the incident with others or they shared it with others.

I see this happening with many of my clients and other people. These beliefs and misinformation from the news, social media and others sources is the culprit for quite a lot of fear-based problems. With the increasing ability to send info across the globe in seconds, we really need to be mindful of the messages we are sending.

Have you had times when you got off balance by something you were told and read?  Share below what happened and how you resolved it.


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