032420 Message from the Masters

032420 Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
March 25, 2020

Greetings Dear Ones,

We again thank you for this opportunity to communicate and to share our energies in a way that uplifts All on planet Earth and beyond.

Many of you are feeling the effects of the coronavirus that has spread across the globe. Although this has caused some discomfort and fear, know that it is temporary and as a result, a great purging is in effect.

We are excited to see so many of you taking this opportunity to reach out to others and to amp up your own creativity by offering your services in new and sometimes, uncharted territory. We foresee this trend to continue as many gather virtually, less expensively and without the need for creating more pollution through travel.

There is still the need for each of you to still network and gather physically, but as you are now realizing, much can be done through the internet in between your sojourns together.

We encourage you to pay attention to each fear as it arises.

Look deep within to find the root of this fear. Face it. Release it. Then fill that energy space with Divine Love. Express gratitude for the new insights you are having. Wisely use the new time that is opening for those of you who are Quarantined due to the coronavirus. Take time for inner-spection on how you wish to create your time and expend your energy during this time.

Unplug from the news and gossip mongers so that you can put your time to use discovering more about your True Roots and connecting with your I Am Presence and other Masters who are here to help with your creative choices. Dive into the pool of possibilities, exploring how you wish to be of service to others. Ask yourself how you can express Divine Unconditional Love. Each of you is unique, with diverse passions. There is not one of you who will express yourselves in the same exact way. Nurture this diversity as you design the way you wish to express your Self, in communion with your I Am Presence.

Be wary not to judge those making decisions in important places. Also be careful not to judge those who are in fear. As you walk the stores and see the empty shelves, remind yourself there is no shortage and be careful not to judge those who are hoarding. Bless them. Send them love so that they can overcome their fear.

This is a good reminder to look at what you hold most dear to you.

How attached are you to material objects that are now in short supply? How is your communication with those you are spending more time with? Is this a relationship that will weather this storm or one to help with the passage of going in new directions? Be mindful how nature is having an inbreath to heal, as less pollution fills the skies and seeps into the soil. Consider spending less time tuned in to fear-mongering and choose instead to go within for Guidance and inspiration on how to express more Divine Love. Right now, right here. Now Here, where all creation lies, in the Current moment.

If you have a need during these times that you cannot fill, then ask for assistance. There are many who are well prepared to spring into action, both on earth and in the Heavens. Use your creative powers to find ways to make lemonade out of lemons. This is also a good time to consider how to use less toilet paper. We do wish to assure you that once you ascend, the need for toilet paper no longer exists. Use this knowledge as an added incentive to make your ascension out of duality a priority along your spiritual Path. We jest and do find it humorous that beyond the basic needs, of all the commodities on earth, toilet paper places top priority.

All you need resides within you.

Yet, it does take a conscious choice and focused intention to master anything you desire. Call on us for assistance and be prepared to take the necessary steps to get your life moving in the direction of your choice. With this coronavirus, many new blessings and opportunities are arising. This was an added jolt that is causing many to awaken further. Be there for them when they reach out to you. Yet, make them accountable for their choices so that you do not get caught up in the drama that occurs when one has expectations placed on self and others.

Offer your fruit. Allow them to choose to accept or decline the fruit. Then allow them to choose what they will do with the fruit that they accept. Allowance is the greatest gift you can give to another. This enables them to empower themselves and express their own creativity in their unique way. That is the core of each and every conscious being, to create and co-create with others. Express this gift to the fullest.

We wish you well as we remind you that you are never alone.

We are here to walk hand in hand with you. Connect daily with the Source of All, your I Am Presence and your team of Spirit Guides. Do so by placing your focus on the flame in your heart that keeps you connected to All. You are loved beyond measure. Never forget this. Now, go forth, stretch your wings and express yourself in ways you may have not yet considered.

Be love, Always, All Ways,
The Masters

Dictated by Reverend Theresa Crabtree

*** Please share this message in its entirety. We hope you will join us during the next Celestial Gathering.
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    You have all my sources my light workers my soul I have sent them to you , lets do good change !

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