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Message from the Masters: Equinox Celestial Gathering March 20, 2021

Photo of Equinox sunrise from my new home. 

Message from the Masters
Equinox Celestial Gathering
March 20, 2021

Greetings Dear Ones,

We again are pleased to have this time to consciously connect with you. We know that many of you wish to communicate more clearly with us. Know that we do hear your pleas, expressions of gratitude and your desire to be more in communion with us.

The best practice to make this union deeper is first, belief. You must believe you are worthy. Know that you are not “lowly” by any means in our eyes. Rather we have utmost respect for the path you have chosen, for we know the perils that come from spending time in a dense environment such as earth, in this moment of time. Many of us have been human for many incarnations and have suffered greatly, as well. Most of us have not walked the earth, thus we live “vicariously” through you and for that we are grateful.

The following is a simple practice you can use to connect more deeply with us. Set aside some quiet time filling up your heart with as much love and gratitude that you can muster. You may also want to play some uplifting angelic type of music that does not have words that will distract you. If you are drawn to repetitive mantras, this may be of value to you. Use this time to focus on your heart region. As you feel yourself become “lighter” and more relaxed, then visualize that your Higher Self / Soul or favorite Master is standing in front of you. If it helps, have an artist’s rendition in front of you that you can focus upon.

You may want to call, out loud, at least three times the name of the one you are intending to communicate with. With each call, really focus on making a connection from your heart to the heart of the intended. Then begin to send love to your intended as you remain quiet for several moments. Allow yourself to receive love back from us. The first few times you do this, don’t focus on words or requests. Simply focus on giving and receiving pure Divine Love. For some of you this will be difficult because you have closed access due to life experiences. Work on releasing these blocks.

Take a few moments now to practice this exercise.

As you do this practice more often, there will come a time when you will feel our presence more deeply. During these times, you can have better communication with us. Know that you must do your inner work in order to empower yourself more. It is up to you to make the changes necessary to bring forth what you wish to express in your life. We encourage you to monitor your thoughts, words, actions, people you choose to be around, face your fears, uncover the false beliefs you created during times of trauma and anything else that keeps you blocked from receiving or expressing pure love.

The good news is that you created all of these blockages. That means that you can uncreate them. We are not saying that you are responsible for everything that has happened to you. However, there is value in even the most horrid experiences. You can go online and find story after story of people who have suffered from the vilest criminal behavior, yet now shine their light better than ever after healing these experiences. The same is true for many who perpetrated these crimes and have found their “inner sanctuary” while behind prison bars.

Today, we begin another cycle around the sun, whether you are celebrating the first day of spring or the first day of autumn. Both are reminders of new beginnings, whether you are planting your seeds of inspiration or harvesting what you planted previously.

This is a good time for inner-spection, taking time to do an overview of where you are in this current moment. Perhaps start a list of the things you would like to change within yourself during this new season. Then list the steps necessary to manifest them into reality.

You may have heard that you are “made in the image and likeness of God.” Yet, what is God? If you see this force as the supreme Creator within a world of endless possibilities, then you can be very excited to understand that you too are a creator, residing within a world of endless possibilities. Thus, dare to dream big!

We encourage you to take a few moments at this time for some inner-spection and begin to consciously connect with us and to dream your reality into existence.

Know that you are loved beyond measure.

The Masters

*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share with anyone who has ears to hear.
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