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Message from the Masters, February 26, 2021

Message from the Masters
Full Moon Celestial Gathering
February 26, 2021

Greetings Dear Ones,

We again are happy to connect with you for the purpose of personal and global upliftment. We know that you are undergoing stressful times within the family unit, workplace and global events. However, know that from our perspective, and that of your True Self, all is well.

You chose to come to earth at this time for varying purposes. Many are still floundering, trying to find their soul mission for being here. At the root of every human incarnation lies possibilities of expanding love while in physical form. There is much that we experience through you, no matter whether the circumstances are pleasant or not. For we find it interesting to watch as each of you makes your choices and are especially excited for those who begin the awakening process.

We, along with the Spirit members of your Team (and everyone has them), are available to assist you 24/7. We know that many of you do not understand why it seems that no help arrives when prayers are requested. However, we do hear your requests and can only respond to those your Higher Self gives permission to do so.

When you have prayers for yourself that seem to go unanswered, rather than giving up and feeling like you are unworthy or unloved, go within and ask to be shown guidance. In most cases, the gifts we shower you with go unnoticed because of the person’s fear or limited vision. If the gift doesn’t appear as you specifically requested, you may miss it altogether. Thus, be open-minded and look for synchronistic events which may be clues leading to what you desire.

Another disconnect that happens is when one is in fear or has limiting beliefs that hinder them from taking action. Again, if it doesn’t look like what one envisions, the gift or opportunity may slip away. For instance, you may want a specific job. From our viewpoint, we know who the hiring person has in mind for that job. We also know other things about the job that you may not be privy to. Thus, when you don’t get that job, it may be because another job that is better suited is available to you or this lesser job will lead you to the job you seek. In many cases, one negates jobs they are searching for because in their heart they truly want something else but are in fear of stepping out of one’s comfort zone. We know your heart’s desire and may be leading you toward it, but feelings of lack or unworthiness may be stifling the opportunity.

Those of you who are lonely and seeking a partner, make your list of what you want, if you choose. If you do make a list, slowly go over it and see if you have the same qualities that you desire in that partner. Also take time to go within to uncover any limiting views that are keeping you from giving or receiving love fully. BE the person that you want to invite into your life, whether as a romantic partner, friend or neighbor.

Anything that you wish in life, keep your focus upon it so that you will not make choices that take you further away from the desired goal. Ask for guidance on why things are not going as you wish, then be ready to remedy any situations within your power. Ask to be shown any limiting beliefs that you created earlier in your life and are blocking your desires.

We wish to encourage you to unplug from any media sources that propagate negativity. This does not need to be part of your reality, unless you specifically choose to be an activist for that particular cause. Anything else does not have to be part of your reality. Be wary of being sucked into the drama of others. If one says something that you do not believe, then let that be. Agree to disagree agreeably. If the conversation heats up, withdraw from it.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you do not like when others talk negatively about you, look at your own actions to be sure that this is not something you are participating in.

As soon as you begin to feel off balance in any situation, take several long, deep breaths in and out to relax. Then you will regain your clarity and have a better opportunity to make a choice that is uplifting.

Do remember that there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing who would love to get you off track. Be discerning as to who you allow into your energy field for healing work and peruse their words carefully before choosing to add them to your belief system. Be mindful that many are propagating false information, thus before you take on another’s belief, research it well. Or perhaps it’s something that personally is not your business; walk on.

Also, be sure that you research anything diligently before you send it out to others. You are accountable for what you do. Before you click on the “share” button or repeat what you’ve heard, ask yourself if you wish to be the one who spreads false information. As you know, what one does can ripple forth, affecting many others, whether that energy creates love or fear. We encourage you to spread love.

We are excited to be an active part of your life through these important Celestial Gatherings. The numbers of us that gather in the Upper Regions would stagger your mind. That is the power of group intention. Go forth now and set your intentions for the next two weeks. Then join us again at the time of your New Moon.

We bid thee farewell at this time, although we are still here amongst you.

Be blessed always, all ways.

The Masters


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