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Purify Water with Prayer

In 2002, when I was living on the Navajo Reservation, my host, Daniel Staley, talked about the rugged lifestyle his ancestors incurred. Drinking water was dependent on rainfall, which could be scant in this remote desert region surrounding Canyon de Chelly.

He showed me how his grandparents taught him to brush away the debris in a mud puddle. Then how to pray over the water to purify it. He said no matter how dirty the water was, they never got sick from it.

Several months later, I was introduced to the book, “The Messages in Hidden Water” by Masaru Emoto. I was blown away by the visual proof our thoughts have on water. Since then, I have written the following prayer on the back of my favorite Emoto purified water crystal image. “Please neutralize pollutants and adjust molecular structure to its original pristine state.”

I made several copies, then laminated them. I tape them onto my water purifier and put them under the coasters where I sit my glass of water. One could also have a similar prayer or a single word such as “love” taped to their glass or beverage bottle. There are also companies that will print anything you want on a mug or glass.

The prayer and images remind me to bless my food and beverages. We can do so much more for our health when we consciously interact with our bodies and what we put in it and on it.

It was Emoto’s work that inspired me to be part of a company that was selling bottled water infused with positive thoughts. When sharing photos of Emoto’s work and the water we were producing to Hopi elder, Grandfather Martin, slyly smiled and said, “We have known for hundreds of years what science is now starting to find out.”

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  1. Cathy Thompson

    Love this! I lost my prayer for purifying water! Spreading around copies will help me remember not only the prayer, but to say it!

    1. admin

      You can also create your own prayers, setting your personal intentions!

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