What are Dark Entities, Incubi, Ghosts…

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  1. Cathy Thompson

    Interesting! We think we have a friend inhabiting our house! I actually caught a glimpse of a little Grey walking by! When I told my husband, he confessed to having seen motion flitting by quickly. He just sees a line go by through the door of our office, at night, when the room is darkened. I saw a very distinct Grey. It was a reflection off the door of the microwave, which happens to reflect the back door to our yard. The little guy seemed to be coming in from outside, and heading to the office. I thought maybe the glass from the microwave may have caused the veil to be disturbed enough for me to get a quick glimpse through it… very fleeting, but unmistakable. I had asked my guides to send me protection. I thought maybe he had been sent to watch over me. But my husband surprised me when he said the apparition he had seen had been visible to him for years! I did want to ask you… aren’t most Greys benevolent? I feel like that is the case here. But I wanted to check in with you.

    Cathy Thompson

    1. admin

      These little Grey guys are usually benevolent. They seem to be more robotic in nature, having specific mundane projects they are assigned to. The bigger question is, who sent it and why? I sense this one is related to your husband and not you. It’s likely part of a preincarnation contract associated with monitoring specific humans in relation to the evolution of the human species.

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