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Message from the Masters, January 28, 2021

Message from the Masters
Full Moon Celestial Gathering
January 28, 2021

Greetings Dear Ones,

As we settle into the new year, take time to review the past few months. Are there areas of concern in which you were mentally, emotionally or physically challenged? Take time to go within to find the root causes.

If you have now balanced these situations, take note on the mental and heart-felt choices you made to face and overcome these issues. If you swept the problem under the rug, this may be a good time to pull it out and review it, while you have more clarity.

Anything that knocks you off center, to a high degree, is up to you to handle. There may be some things out of your control, but to the best of your ability, focus on the positive side of this event and release any expectations. No matter what the outcome, new doors of opportunity will open to you.

If you remain centered within and work on maintaining inner peace, no matter what is happening, this will give you the clarity needed to step out of old behavioral and mental processing patterns.

There will always be challenges, such is the nature of life on earth. However, when you walk through your fears and seek any beliefs that are limiting your choices, you can begin to move way past “surviving” and into the realm of thriving.

There are many role models, in every era of time, who have overcome similar situations such as what you have and are facing. There are others who have had much worse to cope with. Yet, those who put forth the effort, moved past being survivors and became thrivers. Even with no effort, they become role models for others. Those who step out of their comfort zone and allow themselves to be more vulnerable, have the opportunity to be a great asset to those who are seeking the path of how to cope with their problems.

There is no problem that does not have a solution. In most cases, it is simply a matter of changing one’s perspective, such as “walking a mile” in someone else’s shoes. It is easy to fall into “woe is me” victim thoughts and behaviors. The good news is, it is just as easy to waken up and say, “Enough is enough, I’m taking charge of my life.” That’s when true living begins.

The choice is always in your hands. Will you have the solutions stem from your head or your heart? Let go of the expectations you push on others… and release concerns of any expectations others push on you. Allow them to express their Free Will as they choose. Then you can respond by choosing whether to continue to support them, move slightly away or cut off ties altogether. Do it based on self-love and in some cases, out of respect for others who are involved. When you add love into the mix, miracles can happen.

Never forget that Divine Love is the base of who you are.

You and most others have forgotten this. Some are awakening, but we expect that most will not awaken in their current lifetime. Although this saddens us somewhat, we know that in the Big Picture, All is Well. Thus, we do not allow the choices of others to knock us off balance in any way. We use this knowledge as an incentive to continue to assist any humans who are awakening and those who are helping others to more consciously walk their Path.

Keep pursuing your ability to awaken more to Divine Love by expressing it any way that you can. When this is your goal, more Divine Love will flow through you. Then your ability to co-create consciously with us will be greatly enhanced. That’s when the fun begins!

Know that you are loved beyond measure.
Be love, allow yourself to be loved and to express love in all ways, always.

The Masters

*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share with others who have ears to hear.
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