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Two Important Healing Books

Heal Your Body book and Messages from the Body

“Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay was an eye-opener for me. This book was my introduction to recognizing the impact I have on my body as a result of my thoughts, fears and beliefs. When I looked up various symptoms and the probable root cause, I could see a direct correlation, not only in myself, but how others were impacting their bodies, as well.

Years later, when I began the SoulCleanse work, I realized the importance of sharing this knowledge with my clients. Thankfully, one client suggested that I check out “Messages from the Body” by Michael J. Lincoln. He was one of Louise Hay’s gurus and the one who introduced her to the correlation between one’s thoughts and physical dis-ease.

Hay’s “little blue book” offers a sentence or two regarding dozens of common illnesses and pairs the negative thoughts with positive affirmations to help heal the dis-ease. Lincoln’s book offers a comprehensive list of illnesses and disorders with much detail into how each is linked to one’s beliefs and the family dynamics growing up. Further information is shared about how these beliefs affect one’s relationships with others.

I recommend “Heal Your Body” to anyone who is interested in using positive affirmations to heal their body. For those who are healers, consider “Messages from the Body” as an important desk reference to bring higher awareness to your clients.


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