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Message from the Masters: Jan 13, 2021

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
January 13, 2021

Greetings Dear Ones,

Once again, we are excited to have the privilege of communing with you. We know that most of you can’t “see” us or “feel” us, but it is our pleasure that even under these circumstances, you still believe and connect. Know that we are always with you and helping to oversee the imbalances in the world. But without your requests for assistance, we cannot intervene. Thus, bring us your burdens and concerns and together, we will help to make Earth a Lighter place to reside while you are in human form.

Never forget your True Roots.

The Ascended Master that co-created you is a highly evolved Being of Light. You are a chosen Ambassador through which Divine Love has the opportunity to express itself. We know how difficult it can be to truly realize who you are, for we have also walked the Earth in ignorance.

However, we can assure you that when you step out of the roles that no longer serve you and take on your “Light Body,” while incarnate, you will see all things in a more expansive manner. Then you will see the Truth behind the masks and will be better equipped to spread more Love, which will ripple to the ends of the Universe.

In the meantime, take time each day to commune with us and your Higher Self. The more dedicated you are to this practice, the more successful you will be. At first, you may have to set aside beliefs related to feeling unworthy, unlovable and such. Then you will need to increase your belief that we do exist and that we are available 24/7/365, as you measure time.

Call on us to help you have the clarity to make choices leading to your highest dream.

But first, dream higher, for most of you keep yourself pigeon-holed due to unbelief and the pains of the past. Dare to peek out of those holes until, like the fledgling, you have the courage to stretch your wings and fly. That is a much more graceful approach than sitting on the edge in fear while mama bird pushes you out of the nest.

Encourage yourself to expand Love. Let loose of the fears associated with the conditional love you have experienced in the past. You are awake and aware enough to ground yourself so that you can handle and release whatever the “haters” throw at you. Stand firm with your Self.

Daily, take time for inner-spection and review your actions and reactions. Then begin to make the changes to those things that you prefer to experience. Meditation can be as simple as taking several long, deep, slow breaths in and out. The goal is to calm your body and mind so that you can feel more inner peace. With inner peace comes clarity. With clarity comes the ability to make wiser choices. Wiser choices will lead to your goals. Experiencing your goals will lead to more inner calm. Before you know it, joy, bliss, happiness, satisfaction and more yumminess will be yours to experience.

Start today by setting time aside to experience inner peace.

We can assure you that the rewards will be of great benefit to you. This is the time of a new month, a new moon and a new solar year… a time of new beginnings. What do you wish to experience? Sit with us and let us help you to plot your course as you let go of what no longer serves you. Strive to reach forth with a new awareness and excitement as you express your co-creative abilities beyond anything you have done in the past.

You are loved always, all ways,

The Masters

***Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree
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