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Message from the Masters: January 11, 2024

New Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
January 11, 2024

Greetings Dear Ones,

Here you are, the beginning of a new cycle around the Gregorian calendar. We encourage you to closely review your main thoughts, words and actions of the past ten days. What uplifted you? What brought you closer to joy? What brought you closer to inner peace? What knocked you off balance?

When one reviews like this each day, you will quickly find patterns that bring you closer to upliftment or closer to depression, leading to despair. Get into the habit of a daily review and consciously choose new ways to look at similar situations in the future.

Perhaps you have been placing judgment, making assumptions or pressing your expectations on others. These are marvelous ways to get people to push against you. Consider times when this was happening to you, when others judge you, make false assumptions or expect you to do their will instead of yours? Does this bring you inner peace? Does it encourage you to be in the presence of those people more? Does it uplift you and fill your heart with joy?

We will leave you with this simple exercise and encourage you to look within as objectively as you can. When you find that you are falling short of your goal, be careful not to fall into blame, shame, guilt or other negative thoughts and emotions, for that will only drag you deeper into the mire.

Rather, when you find you’ve fallen short, express gratitude that you have recognized this pattern. Then begin the steps to change your way of thinking and behaviors that do not serve your goal of rising above the mire. Judging others and judging yourself leads to depression. Making assumptions creates a whole host of negativity. Consider a heart-to-heart communication with the person to find out what their motive was. Then act accordingly. They may not be truthful with you, but their lies or omission of the truth then falls squarely on their shoulders. Treat others as you wish to be treated by them. If you do not like others placing their expectations on you, then be mindful of the expectations you place upon others. “What comes around, goes around.” Don’t toss out any boomerangs that you don’t want to come back to you.

We love you beyond our measure and it is our hope that you will live mindfully and elevate yourself to the highest degree of Love that is possible. You live in a time where much information is readily available and in which you can more openly be your True Self. Take advantage of this opportunity.

We love you beyond measure,
Always in all ways,

Metatron and the Masters

**Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share with others freely. Consider joining us for future Celestial Gatherings in order to receive a personal cleansing and as our Souls gather together to assist the evolution of Gain and all conscious beings.


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