Calling all Lightworkers!

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Are you looking for a way to be of service
to mankind and Gaia
from the comfort of your own home?

We need your help!

Celestial Cleanses are remote GROUP sessions that are scheduled
each month on the New Moon,
Full Moon, Equinox and Solstice.


Since all work is performed energetically under the direction of our Souls, you do not need to consciously “tune in.” Your Soul will be called in before we begin and will oversee any work to be performed on you.


During the first half of the Celestial Cleanse,
you will experience the following blessings.

Energetic Balance
DNA Enhancement
Auric Shield Repair
Chakra Alignment and Attunement
Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Cleansing
Energetic Cleansing of Home, Automobiles and Pets
Non-beneficial cords from this life will be
cut, healed and sealed.

In addition, The SoulCleanse Team and Heavenly Helpers
will shower you with their love, gratitude and healing energies.


After the cleansing portion, we are joined
by a myriad of “Heavenly Helpers.”

We then merge our energies, spreading over the entire surface
of the globe, sending healing to all that are willing to receive our gifts.

Within 24 hours after the Celestial Cleanse,
the group will receive a channeled message via email. 

Do you feel like there is more you can be doing spiritually?

The Celestial Cleanse is one activity
that can fill that desire easily and effortlessly. 

A week before each Celestial Cleanse, I send out an email reminder,
so be sure to go to the Contact page to get on my mailing list!

To get the most out of the group Celestial Cleanses,
consider having a SoulCleanse to be sure you are entity free.


Register on  the Events page!

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