Scott Hayden

Books on self-empowerment are a rare find in prison libraries. The donation of such publications is an important project, to say the least. Donating copies to correctional facilities across the country is not only a noble endeavor; it is also a costly one.

Donations and comments from our outside readers and supporters means so much to us in our united effort to bring spiritual enlightenment to those on the “inside.”

I am blessed to have the opportunity to participate in the Enlightenment Behind Bars project. It’s a labor of love which took nearly three years to complete – and well worth it! Not only was I able to express my own views and insights for the book, I was amazed by such a wide variety of insights contributed by the other writers, as well.

The books that Theresa has written are not exclusively intended for prison populations. These books are of great importance to all who seek spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Spirituality lies at the core of our humanity. So, “turn up” that spiritual flame which glows inside all of us. Please send your much needed and appreciated “love gift” to help support all of Theresa’s projects – past, present and future!

What comes from the heart goes to the heart.” ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Warm wishes!

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