Darris Drake

I began my journey for redemption when Theresa’s book, Mayan Messages, showed up mysteriously in the mail. I couldn’t figure out who ordered it, but it fit perfectly into my growing mindset. I began to read it every day, and I grew more and more the further I read into the book. When I was transferred, the book was taken from me by prison staff.

It isn’t easy to get good self-help and self-empowerment books without family support, so I wrote Theresa and explained the mysterious circumstances of how I got her book and how it had helped me evolve. We began to correspond and I worked up the courage to send her my writings, my own philosophy that helped me overcome one of the darkest environments known to mankind, prison.

Reading self-help books and writing my experiences changed my life. Knowing that people in society haven’t given up on those in prison whose traumas left them in need of redemption and rehabilitation, is motivation for all of us to continue our growth and pass on the lessons we learn to younger men and women struggling from the same adversity as us. Thank you for your help, it’s truly needed.

Darris Drake, much more than #871756

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