Jose H in Texas Prison

Enlightenment Behind Bars and Universal Truth have a lot of things in them which really help me as I'm bettering myself. I encourage people to do better, not to give up and to break addictions or bad habits. I sometimes use things I got off your books when doing that. I do it because I seen change in myself... so why not pass on the knowledge whether it be family, friend or stranger. Knowledge is power when you put it into action. I'd like to…

Jamie V. in Florida Prison

I have recently finished Enlightenment Behind Bars and WOW! It really blew my mind. So amazing. Sometimes I feel so alone on my search for truth and awareness and it was so amazing to hear so much positivity and enlightenment from other inmates. I also read Mayan Messages daily and it has opened my eyes to a lot of new ways of thinking and perceiving.

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