Nurture Children

Nurture children in your life. Many of the children in this era are arriving on Earth with an understanding of love and with psychic abilities far beyond the average person. If you desire a world filled with respectful, mature people, fair businesses and governments, then role-model this for them. Each adult they encounter has an opportunity to be a greater teacher than many of the schoolbooks they are required to read. Look at these children through new eyes. Before placing your children on medications to…


Respect Children

Respect Children: Many parents attempt to spare their children the pain they suffered when they were young. What happens as a result is that the child is denied many experiences. They are not given the trust or respect needed to make decisions that will enable them to live a full life. Their maturity is stunted, for they do not learn how to solve their problems or learn to say “no” on their own terms. Teach them from a very young age how to act appropriately.…


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