You are currently viewing Check out my new book,  Universal Truth!

Check out my new book, Universal Truth!

HI Everyone!

I am excited to let you know about my newest book!

Universal Truth: Tools for Transformation is a collection of over 200 daily inspirational messages.

These are not just “feel good” quotes, but practical tips and meditations you can easily incorporate into your daily life to:

  • Improve Physical Health and Vitality
  • Release Emotional Blocks
  • Practical Soul-utions to Every Day Stressors
  • Increase Communication Skills
  • Build Better Relationships
  • Gain Mental Clarity
  • Nurture Body, Mind and Soul

Order your copy today!

Makes a grrrreat gift for those on the awakening Path!

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  1. cindy

    AWESOME My LoVe!! You have always been a beacon of Light for ALL of us!! Congrats my dear sweet friend 💜

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