Inner Housecleaning: Video As you make changes to your interior, you might also want to declutter and energize your home, office or yard. Check out my book: Feng Shui: Creating Places of Peace.    


Enjoy Your Work

Do you enjoy your work? What is your passion? Can you answer this question? If not, then it is likely you are living with beliefs that are not in your best interest. Take time to go within and remember the things that jazzed your energy when you were younger. Why did you set these dreams aside? Which ones are worth resurrecting? Often people feel they should do big missions without realizing how much they impact others by doing small, everyday things. Look around, what needs…


Soul Connection 15 ~ Inner Housecleaning

Everyone comes from the same Source, full of love and light. If your life feels a little murky, know you have the power to clean up whatever isn't working. It will take time and effort to undo the things that you have allowed, but it is well worth the effort to make the change if you truly want to experience peace and joy on a daily basis. You can do it! You have the ability to go within and do some major housecleaning. Swipe away…


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