Resurrected Mind

Inmate Richard Francis shares his thoughts about having a "RESURRECTED MIND." Richard had an enlightening experience while in solitary confinement that resurrected his mind and set his life on a whole new track...



Take time each day to review your currents beliefs... then let go of what no longer serves you.


An inmate’s thoughts about “Living in the Moment”

Joe is serving his 37th year on a 72 year sentence in a Pennsylvania prison for crimes he committed during a weekend full of bad choices / moments when he was 19 years old. He is ever grateful that no one was killed during this crime spree. Here are some of Joe's current insights on "Living in the Moment." "In the past, if something happened at any point during the day to anger, hurt or upset me, it most often ruined the whole day. I…


In the Moment

It took Joe 30 years of incarceration to begin his awakening. Now he is a shining Light in the "Belly of the Beast." Enjoy a bit of his wisdom below. "I was told long ago that I should take life one day at a time, but as time passed by, I came to realize that I needed to “live life,” not merely “take life.” In order for me to live life, I needed to live one moment at a time because each moment has the…


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