Joy Meditation

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards everlasting joy? Take several long breaths. As you exhale, let out the worries of the day. Consciously pay attention to each muscle in your body, starting at the top of your head. Note the muscles in your jaws, tighten them for a second and then allow them to relax. Move down to the shoulders, arms, fingers, etc. tightening and then relaxing each set of muscles. Then continue, moving down to your toes. Breathe in as you…


Message from the Masters: April 11, 2021

Message from the Masters New Moon Celestial Gathering April 11, 2021   Greetings! We are well pleased for this opportunity to communicate with you. We know that you have many questions about the universe and how to connect with your Guides. Many of you have had glimpses of your Heavenly Helpers and snippets of information that have come through so clearly that you knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it was truly an inspirational thought from a benevolent Being much wiser than you.…


Message from the Masters, January 28, 2021

Message from the Masters Full Moon Celestial Gathering January 28, 2021 Greetings Dear Ones, As we settle into the new year, take time to review the past few months. Are there areas of concern in which you were mentally, emotionally or physically challenged? Take time to go within to find the root causes. If you have now balanced these situations, take note on the mental and heart-felt choices you made to face and overcome these issues. If you swept the problem under the rug, this…


Empower vs Enable

Do you empower or enable people? If there are people or events in your life that keep you off balance, unplug from them or change your perspective. Keep your focus on your goals, not what others are thinking, saying or doing. Release yourself from obligations that are truly not yours. Many believe they are helping others while in reality they are stifling their own growth. Offer advice to those who request it. If they resist what you say, then let it be. They are not…


Unconditional Love

To experience unconditional love, relinquish the need to change others. Focus your attention inward, on changing your attitude and beliefs. Once you are in control of your emotions and responses, you will have less need and desire to change others. The goal is to love freely, without the need to save others from experiencing whatever they choose. Go within and work on your ability to love others unconditionally. In the beginning, especially with difficult relationships, this may seem impossible. In these cases, work within yourself…


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