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Soul Connection 70 ~ Manifest Your Dreams

Welcome to this blessed day in which exists all possibilities. Of the myriad of choices available, what will you choose? Do you realize the importance of your words and how they ripple throughout the entire fabric of the universe? Have you any realization of the impact your thoughts, both positive and negative, have on yourself and others? Thoughts and words fueled by your emotions are the stuff that manifestation is all about.

What is it you desire? What forgotten dreams lie within? Have you a problem that needs resolved? Is there a fear you wish to overcome? Have you an addiction to a food or substance that you would like to regain control over? Is there a relationship you would like to establish or reconnect? Choose one dream you would like to focus on today.

Take a few moments to center yourself and release the worries of the day. Clear your mind of the clutter that distracts you. Focus on your breathing, letting your breath flow in and out at a normal rate. Relax your muscles and let your mind wander to an issue you would like to work on this day. See it clearly in your mind. Use all five senses to make the visualization as real as you can. In your mind’s eye, look at what is happening around you. If there is some part that you don’t like, change it until the vision feels comfortable and gives you joy. When any fears or doubts come in, let them flow by. If concerns over money arise, set them aside and know that you will be shown ways to purchase or obtain this item.

Use this process for whatever you wish to manifest in your life. The main obstacle to obtaining the life of your dreams is the wall of protection you have built. You can begin dismantling the wall in this instant by releasing the fears you have of being hurt or unworthy. Work past your issues of trust that stem from lies and hurts from the past. Have the courage to move forward and take the steps necessary to create what you wish to experience.

In the next few days, take time to return and visualize your dream into existence. Find ways to clarify your dream. Once your intentions are clear and stated orally, mentally or in print, your Soul and Heavenly Helpers will start working to assist in manifesting your dream. Let go of expectations of the exact circumstances that will lead to your desired result. Keep working daily on releasing any blocks and fears that pop up along the way.

Watch for synchronicities; they are signposts along the trail that help you stay on your Path. Know that at any time you can choose a different path or change the goal. You will find that once you release a specific fear, another door will open and allow you to move closer to what you wish to experience. Know the uni-verse is just that, one voice, and it is here to support you in any activity or event you choose to experience.

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