Soul Connection 47 ~ Conscious Living

Soul Connection 47 ~ Conscious Living

Love, in all forms, whether they are thoughts, words, actions or emotions are free flowing. They wisp in and out, flowing through the universe, creating waves of sensuality and causing tides of yumminess. On the other hand, fear-based emotions and thoughtforms stick together, creating a dense mass that is hard to penetrate. Through time, this will destroy your health as they manifest in a variety of diseases. With sincere desire, you will be able to release these thoughtforms before they manifest physically.

To dismantle a mass of thoughtforms, they must be peeled back, like layers of an onion. At times, they’ll be like dominoes; when you break through one belief, many others that were built on that premise will dissipate as well. When you retrain yourself to think more positive thoughts, you are re-wiring the neural transmitters in your brain. This will help you make more conscious and uplifting choices.

Pay attention to your body. The aches and dis-ease are a result of the emotions that are stored there. You may find the list of symptoms created by Louise Hay in her book, “Heal Your Body,” to be of assistance in discovering the root cause of your physical problems.

These root cause of your physical problems can take years to unravel, but the good news is there is a fast track. Love is the answer. You can begin today by facing your unresolved emotional issues.

Begin to speak your truth and stand strong for what you believe in. Be honest with yourself and others in all aspects of your life. Choose to live consciously, paying attention to your thoughts, words and actions. Make the conscious decision to choose those that are inspiring, while letting go of the people, places, events, thoughts, words and behaviors that keep you in a lowered vibrational state. You will then be rewarded with a life full of peace, love and happiness.

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