Soul Connection 195 ~ Respect Children

Soul Connection 195 ~ Respect Children

Many parents attempt to spare their children the pain they suffered when they were young. What happens as a result is that the child is denied many experiences. They are not given the trust or respect needed to make decisions that will enable them to live a full life. Their maturity is stunted, for they do not learn how to solve their problems or learn to say “no” on their own terms.

Teach them from a very young age how to act appropriately. Encourage them to solve their own problems at an early age and allow them to experience the result of their choices. Then, when they reach adolescence, they will have the skills necessary to choose friends and recreational activities that are in their best interest.

Most children, before they enter kindergarten, have already developed belief codes such as: children should be seen and not heard, only babies cry, I have no control over my life, at anytime my parents can leave me, no one listens to me, anger is bad, do not show your emotions, people laugh at what I say, school makes me sick, etc. Do any of these sound familiar to you? These are the beliefs that most children build their thoughts, words and actions upon.

Parents, teachers and role models, pay attention to how you influence the beliefs of children. Release your negative thought patterns, change undesirable habits and out-dated beliefs, then you will be much better equipped to influence our future leaders in a positive manner.

Treat children the way you would liked to have been treated from your infancy onwards. You have the ability to be a great influence on a child, even if you rarely encounter them. A simple smile can do wonders for someone who feels invisible. When you meet their parents, introduce yourself to the child, too. Treat the child with kindness and respect. Avoid patronizing behaviors such as patting them on the head or baby talk.

Encourage children to dream their life into being. Under no circumstances ridicule them or tell them they should make another choice. If they ask your advice, give it to them clearly and concisely, letting them know that other people have differing opinions. Encourage them to talk to others who have differing opinions and then make their own decision.

Release gender related behaviors such as boys wear blue and play with trucks while girls wear pink and play with dolls. Allow children to choose their career paths without labeling them as gender roles. Treat children with respect. Listen to their words, encourage them to solve their problems and allow them to blossom.

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