Soul Connection 263 ~ Lighten Your Load

Soul Connection 263 ~ Lighten Your Load

Low-density thoughtforms vibrate at a slower speed. This slow speed allows it to interact more with physical matter. In this way, diseases are born. Higher frequency vibrations run through the body, sending sparklets of light and love as it flows through. In this way, when you exchange lower thoughtforms with those that are of higher frequencies, such as love and peace, you in essence are lightening your load.
As your energy vibrational pattern increases, you will draw unto yourself similar situations and people. You will find that many things you did before are no longer appealing. You will find your relationships more enjoyable and mature, and that you spend less time with those who vibrate at lower densities. Your interests in recreation, work, where you live and what you do will begin to change as you seek higher vibrations.
You will also begin to notice changes in your choice of foods and method of living. Things that once held you captive will fall away as you learn to exercise your freedom of choice and methods of relaxation. Life will take on new meaning as you let loose of ideas and beliefs that consume your time and energy. Your passions will blossom as you take your renewed energy and channel it into things that bring you joy and pleasure.
You will begin to understand that you are One with the universe and all its inhabitants. Once this reality sinks into the memory of your cells, you will learn patience and acceptance of all things. No longer will you worry about the “what ifs” of future possibilities. This is the path to enlightenment.

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