Soul Connection 262 ~ Unconditional Love

Soul Connection 262 ~ Unconditional Love

Relinquish the need to change others and focus your attention inward, on changing your attitude and beliefs. Once you are in control of your emotions and responses, you will have less need and desire to change others. The goal is to love freely, without the need to save others from experiencing whatever they choose.

Go within and work on your ability to love others unconditionally. In the beginning, especially with difficult relationships, this may seem impossible. In these cases, work within yourself and find ways you can forgive others. Sometimes you may have to “fake it ‘til you make it.”

Your brain does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. Continually redirect your focus to more loving thoughts. Do not allow yourself to dwell on negativity. In this manner, your brain will re-pattern itself. Before long, you will not be constrained by the behaviors of others.

When you become emotionally balanced, the ability to love all will flow freely to everyone you meet. No matter if others hang you upon a cross, you will be able to love them. This is the secret of the Masters.

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