Soul Connection 259 ~ Empower vs Enable

Soul Connection 259 ~ Empower vs Enable

If there are people or events in your life that keep you off balance, unplug from them or change your perspective. Keep your focus on your goals, not what others are thinking, saying or doing.

Release yourself from obligations that are truly not yours. Many believe they are helping others while in reality they are stifling their own growth. Offer advice to those who request it. If they resist what you say, then let it be. They are not ready to hear your words. Perhaps your words are not correct for them. No one knows what is best for anyone else, for there are many complex issues going on behind the scenes.

Allow others to make their life choices. Although it is difficult to watch loved ones make decisions leading to pain, many have their greatest awakening during their darkest hour. Encourage others to continue on their Path, empowering rather than enabling them.

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