Soul Connection 25 ~ Infinite Abundance

In the ethers there is an infinite number of possibilities that are presented each moment to you. These creation bits are tiny particles that can be activated at any moment and manifested into any-thing your heart desires! Once you have a true grasp that all literally is One, then you will better understand how to use this Oneness to create heaven on earth.
It is true that at your fingertips there is forever the ability to create infinite resources. However, it is all too often that gifts are laid at your feet that you walk past without noticing. Many gifts and resources intended for you may have been passed on to another whom you thought was more deserving or needed it more. Many gifts are not recognized because they are expected to manifest in another form.
Pay closer attention to the people and events that occur in your life. Watch for coincidences and synchronicities, especially after you have made a fervent request for something. Have the courage to dream big and take the steps to reach your highest goals.
As you recognize the full abundance available in all aspects of your life, your passion will surpass anything you have thus far experienced on earth. Abundance will increase as more work together to support and encourage one another. What joy you will experience as you release the fears and habits that have kept you captive for so long! Celebrate with a bun dance!
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