Soul Connection 246 ~ Baggage Check

Soul Connection 246 ~ Baggage Check

How does one get weighed down so readily in this Realm? Thoughts are like magnets, drawing unto them more similar thoughts. Thus, it is important to fill the void of the unwanted thoughtforms with those that are more appealing. Thoughtforms create reality; choose those that lead you to the outcome you desire. When you have a thought that is unsettling or undesirable, immediately think again by choosing thoughts that will lead toward your goals.
All possibilities begin in this moment. What is it that you desire? What steps can you take in this moment to lead you toward your desired goal? How can you obtain these goals? Your future is in your hands. There are many Heavenly Helpers that welcome every opportunity to assist as you make choices that lighten your burden. Check your baggage and proceed to fly high, unencumbered!

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