Soul Connection 245 ~ Be Love In All Ways, Always

Celebrate yourself and connect with your Soul, allowing all blessings to flow freely through you. Maintain positive thoughts. Speak only words of love and express actions that are kind. All else is unworthy of your time and effort and leave you feeling separate from Creator and other humans.

Go forth today, shining your light of love from within and outward to all that you encounter. Be grateful for every opportunity that arises, looking for the good in all things. Some experiences may be harder to accept as blessings. However, there is a gift in everything that happens. Due to the law of attraction, on some level, you have attracted it to you. Thus, ponder the blessings and what you have learned from each experience.

You have the ability to create your future through your thoughts, words and actions in the current moment. Choose your experiences wisely, accepting only things that bring kindness, love, abundance, joy, peace and hope to you and from you. Be love in all ways, always.

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