Soul Connection 273 ~ Two Person Muscle Testing

Many have blazed the trail for you to follow. There are countless books, videos and CDs available to help along your Path. At times, it can be overwhelming to know which information is best for you. The easiest way is to follow your intuition and to notice synchronicities. If you have not learned how to communicate clearly with your Soul, there are a variety of methods to help discriminate which information is best for you.

One reliable method is called “muscle testing.” Today’s focus is on an accurate method involving two people. Everything has an energy field around it. This field interacts with your energy field when in close proximity. When you hold an object next to your heart, the energy it emanates will react with the energy of your heart, body and chakras. The muscle test determines which energy fields strengthen or weaken your energy field.

Using this method, you can find which books, food, medications, jewelry, herbs, clothing, CDs or anything, strengthens or weakens your energy field. There are other methods of dowsing such as the use of pendulums, rods and kinesiology that can also be helpful. The goal is to clear your blocks and inner circuitry so you will know what is best for you at any moment.
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