Soul Connection 237 ~ Breathe Love

Soul Connection 237 ~ Breathe Love

While in human form, unconditional love becomes very difficult for those who are not clearly and consciously connected to Source. When you feel separate from your Maker, feelings of anger, frustration and the evils of the world can be overwhelming. By connecting consciously with Source, you will harmonize at a higher frequency, making it easier to regain your composure.
There are many ways to connect with Source. If you have a method that works for you, continue what you are doing and consider sharing your method with others. Here is a simple method that you may find useful. Practice this with eyes open or closed, for there will be times when you will be driving or in a conversation and you will need to have your eyes open.
Slowly inhale and exhale, taking several deep breaths. Once you feel relaxed, focused and centered, then begin the exercise. As you breathe in slowly and deeply, consciously ask Source to fill your heart and whole being with love. Visualize an experience that invokes feelings of peace and love in your heart center. As you slowly exhale, release this love, allowing it to surround you. You may choose to visualize yourself encased in a bubble of golden light. Do this for several inhalation rounds. Then expand your love by projecting it into any situation, person or place that is causing the imbalance. Breathe in love from Source; breathe out love to others.


Every day, practice sending love to people, places and situations you find challenging. When you focus on positive attributes and sending love, you will become more adept at accepting every person and event you encounter without judgment. No matter what is said or done by others, you will have the capacity to be graceful and in a state of peace. This is the goal.
Live in the moment, aware of your pureness and the love of Source within yourself and all others. Feel gratitude for every experience you have and allow yourself the freedom to not be shackled by anyone else’s desires or beliefs. Live the life of your dreams, be aware of your perfection in each moment and make choices that bring you joy.



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