Soul Connection 233 ~ Joy in Every Moment

Soul Connection 233 ~ Joy in Every Moment

Joy is an attitude. It is a choice one makes every moment. The key to joy is gratitude. When you can be thankful for whatever experience you are having, your whole Being energetically opens to the possibility of feeling joy.

Spend time this week being in joy. Set a timer throughout the day to remind you to switch your attitude to one of joy. Continue with this practice until it becomes habitual. You came from a place of joy and soon you will return to that place. In the meantime, you have the right to be filled with joy. It is your choice! Be in joy! Be joy!
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  1. Love this ! Funny but a few minutes ago , the rain was coming down , has been for days , I thought bummer !!! then it hit me , I’m going to go out and dance in it and laugh !

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