Soul Connection 227 ~ Teamwork

Soul Connection 227 ~ Teamwork

You can accomplish anything when you are working together in a group. Network and stay in communication with those you meet. Join together, supporting each other as needs arise. Comfort those who have fallen. Feed the hungry by teaching them to grow their own food. Share the wealth you have accumulated through the years: knowledge, material gains and food resources.

Teach each other how to heal inner wounds through prayer and meditation.
Teach each other how to heal outer wounds through herbs, not medication.

Take time to dream your highest dream. What do you desire to do with your time? How can you be more kind, compassionate and loving? Be responsible for the raising of the children and caring of the elderly, for they are your past and future. Come together and begin changing your mindset, knowing that together you are One. Dream big for all is attainable!
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