Soul Connection  219 ~ Be Love

Soul Connection 219 ~ Be Love

As we gather and share each other’s knowledge and experiences of love, we bring to All a spirit of Oneness and Love. Every act of love you bestow upon yourself or another magnifies the love received by All. When you send love to another through prayer, they do receive it.
Find a quiet place; breathe in and out several times in order to relax and release the concerns of the day. In your mind, visualize the person(s) you wish to connect with. Call their name three times while thinking of them. Although it is not necessary to state their name out loud, doing so may help you maintain focus. Know you are now connected energetically. Your Spirit knows no bounds when it comes to time, space and place.
As you hold the image of the other person in your mind, visualize a stream of love and golden light flowing in your heart. Allow it to flow unhindered toward the heart of the other. Feel gratitude for this person being in your life. Be thankful for the good times you have experienced together and for the hard lessons you learned from each other. You can also apologize for any hurt you have caused.
This is an especially powerful tool to use when you are attempting to release emotions and judgments you harbor against another. At first, it may be difficult to conjure up feelings of love and gratitude with those you are uncomfortable with. However, with time and practice, one day you will feel the release of judgment and will feel the stream of love as it begins to flow between you.
Love is the basic ingredient of all that is. It was the primordial being of All before the great Separation. When this cycle is completed, Love will be all that exists again. It is the highest frequency one can emit at any time. Do all in your power to heighten and maintain this frequency of Love towards yourself and all Beings. Be grateful for every breath you take, every moment you have and everything you experience. Express this love through your work, your words, your thoughts, your actions and your prayers. Is this not a good way to spend your day?

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