Soul Connection 212 ~ Morning Gratitude

Soul Connection 212 ~ Morning Gratitude

Take a few moments to clear your mind of today’s concerns. Close your eyes, deeply breathing in and out, allowing your body to relax. Once relaxed, fill your mind with the blessings you have in your life. Feel gratitude for these blessings, welling up feelings of love in your heart.

Begin by sending blessings to your Creator for allowing you to have this experience away from the All. Thank the Earth for hosting your physical form. Without her role, there would be no stage on which to play. Thank your Soul for the reminders to stay on your Path, allowing you to be in this moment. Send appreciation to the Spirit Guides who have helped along your Path, supporting each choice you make, without judgment.

Make heart connections with those whom you have loved and despised, thanking them for playing the roles that have allowed you to have the experiences, both good and bad, for much is learned from each. Thank yourself for the courage to face the dilemmas you have encountered. Thank your body for hosting you, with the promise that today you will treat it with respect by supplying it with the nutrients, exercise, rest and sunshine that it needs.

Take a few moments to receive the love that is now pouring back to you from all of these sources. Bask in the feelings of warmth, allowing it to penetrate your auric field and every particle in your body. Perform this simple meditation every morning before beginning your day. Once you have made it a part of your daily routine, you will notice your outlook is brighter, your relationships are strengthened and your body is healthier.

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