Soul Connection 208 ~ Vibrational Frequencies

Soul Connection 208 ~ Vibrational Frequencies

What is the Veil between Dimensions? The Veil itself is simply a frequency shift, similar to radio wavelengths. When a low frequency is emitted, the wavelengths are farther apart, touching the midline less often. As the vibration increases, the distance between the waves is shortened, thus crossing the midline more often. Consider the Veil to be the midline. Those operating at low frequencies such as fear and anger touch the Veil (midline) less often, decreasing their ability to experience what is on the Other Side.
As your ability to Love increases, you begin to resonate at higher frequencies. The distance between wavelengths shortens, allowing more opportunities to touch the Veil (midline), thus increasing the ability to communicate with those on the Other Side. When the vibrational frequency rises to the point where the Veil is continually being touched, there is a merging. At this point, a leap of consciousness may catapult the person into a higher vibrational Realm.
This description is very rudimentary on a complex subject, but we hope that it helps you understand the direct correlation between unconditional love and your vibratory rate. The difference between Dimensions is frequency range. Soon, many will rise above the lower frequencies in which they currently reside. When that happens, in the twinkling of an eye, you may find yourself in a higher Dimension. Once you arrive, if you go into fear, you may quickly pop back into your current third Dimension.
The goal is to obtain these higher Dimensions while in physical form by increasing your love vibration. You will then consciously choose which side of the Veil you prefer to visit at any time. There is no need to know the mathematical formulations and the physics that makes this happen, simply know that Love is the key to ascension and the higher frequencies.

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  1. Thank you , this hits home!
    I’ve been truly grateful Theresa I reached out to you! Since then I’ve found understanding from what I sensed , witnessed and carried with me since I was a little girl in a family full of – depression , anxiety , addictions narsicistic abuses , I am guilty and have been a player in many aspects, as I have found myself opening up to a place of lighter peaceful place, I will be with my family and it’s like a wave of weight hits me and I sense they almost fear me?
    I love them so much one in critical medical condition that’s heartbreaking and the pushing for me step aside told that my emotionalism isn’t tolerated, when I just unconditionally love and always have. Now seeing through different eyes
    I see that darkness still having ahold of them.
    Do people push you when they see or maybe don’t see resonating vibrationaly more towards a higher self?

    1. People act or react in each moment from either a base of love or fear. When their is a vibrational mis-match, the one of a lower vibration will often act with a “negative” response based on his/her fears and beliefs. The role of the higher vibrational person is to help bring the other up with kindness, rather than lowering oneself into the negative snares of the other.

  2. Thank you so much! This has helped to clarify things for me. Namaste!

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