Soul Connection 205 ~ Child Caretakers

Soul Connection 205 ~ Child Caretakers

The importance of allowing children to make choices for themselves cannot be overemphasized. In many situations, children are much wiser and on higher frequencies of love than their caretakers. Parents role-model what they have learned, extending their fears and myths onto children in ways that may hamper their productivity. It is imperative to pay close attention to what you are modeling to them. Anything other than love and kindness is abusive and detrimental, although many are doing these things without intentionally meaning to be harmful.
Any moment when you affect a child and he reacts with emotions such as fear, anger or hurt, look at what you said or did to offend him. It is one thing to protect a child from harm, but did you cause harm in the process of doing so? It is good to teach children manners, but did you use proper manners as a role model in doing so?
Many children are forced to eat foods they dislike or amounts that are not fit for their bodies. In doing so, they often learn the habit of overeating. They are given foods with no nutritional value as treats. Their exuberance is met with disdain or medication. Their behaviors, words, thoughts, dreams and aspirations are often met with ridicule. Allow them to dream big and perhaps they will be your role models and encourage you to dream big!
Those who desire to have children would do well to spend time and energy clearing their personal problems before having babies. Grandparents, at times, you may have to allow your child to raise their children in a manner that does not meet your approval. Try to keep the path smooth, treating everyone in the family with love and kindness, for that is all that really matters.
You are powerful creators and through your actions, you will be able to manifest whatever you, as a whole, choose to experience. Manifest the type of parents you wish for this world. Be a part of training the youth for parenthood and leadership. Teach them perseverance and patience. Instill in them the desire to wait for the right mate. Encourage them to avoid the use of drugs, alcohol and friends who lean toward these low vibrational choices. Teach children to fill their bodies and minds with healthy nourishment, while encouraging them to find and explore those activities that ignite their passion.

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