Soul Connection 204 ~ Be Kind

There is no need to be concerned about missing the “ascension.” Simply be kind and you will not go wrong. There are no perfect, right or wrong Paths. All lead to the same place, providing opportunity for varied experiences. Choose love and light and you will be blessed abundantly.
Take your mind off saving the world and pay attention to how you affect the world. Take your focus off saving other people and place your attention on areas within yourself that are out of balance. Once you have changed your ineffectual habits, then you will be in an honorable place to be a role-model for others.

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  1. Yes…this rings true at the moment; as often spiritual paths/religions are suggesting that the more people you bring in their order the better person one becomes…which can be confusing by placing the emphasis in “saving the world”…particularly, when one joins a group for support and inspiration; but not necessarily ready to take the teaching to the wide world.

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