Soul Connection 199 ~ Nurture Children

Soul Connection 199 ~ Nurture Children

Many of the children in this era are arriving on Earth with an understanding of love and with psychic abilities far beyond the average person. If you desire a world filled with respectful, mature people, fair businesses and governments, then role-model this for them. Each adult they encounter has an opportunity to be a greater teacher than the schoolbooks they are required to read.
Look at these children through new eyes. Before placing your children on medications to control their behavior, change their diet first and see if this resolves the issue. Be patient when they are trying new things or asking questions. If you suppress their speech, they will learn that this is an acceptable thing to do to others.
Take them into nature and allow them to explore the mysteries and balance between all living creatures. If you want to teach them to read, begin with food labels. Teach them to grow their own food, allowing them to become self-reliant rather than having to rely on goods grown on the other side of the Earth.
If you want to teach them to be respectful of elders, take them to nursing homes to visit and play with the residents. If you want them to be happy, allow them to make their own choices. Let them choose the clothes they wish to wear and their hairstyles. Allow them to choose their friends and to choose the sports and recreational activities that interest them. Introduce them to these things by taking them to plays and sporting activities. If they demonstrate an interest, encourage them to explore that interest.
It is far better to have a child fail at something he is passionate about than to succeed at something he does out of obligation. Smile at every child you encounter and send them thoughts of unconditional love. Let them know they are a valuable member of society, nurturing them every step of their life.

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