Soul Connection 193 ~ Near Death Experience

Soul Connection 193 ~ Near Death Experience

Before incarnation, you are given possible exit points that are determined by your Soul. Exit points are times when you subconsciously choose to die. These exit points come at times when it is likely you will have attained the experiences or reasons you came to Earth.
Sometimes, your Soul sets up scenarios in which you nearly die as a way to get you back on track. Due to the state of amnesia when you enter this Realm, you may take longer than anticipated to get in touch with your Soul and thus wander off your chosen Path. You will more likely avoid traumatic experiences, if you are in tune with your Soul and pay attention to your intuition.
Some people make dramatic life changes after having a near death experience. While they were clinically dead, they may have met with their Soul or had an expanded conscious awareness, receiving clear direction on how to move forward in their life.
In order to stay on your Path, it is imperative to get past the blocks that keep you from having direct communication with your Soul and Guides. Once you do, your life will amaze you. As you release the need to do things out of obligation or expectancy, you will find yourself energized and with more time on your hands to do what brings you joy.
In your prayers, always remember to ask for guidance and that it be for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, gracefully. Then express gratitude and live your life knowing what you desire is already manifested.

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