This Referral List is comprised of Counselors, Consultants and Coaches
who can assist after your SoulCleanse is completed.

Angel wings on hands, helping another.

Mary Clare Wojcik

Spiritual Coach, Healer, Author
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

In Person: Appleton, WI, USA

Phone, Zoom, Skype

Michelle J. Howe

Evolutionary Guide, Master Healer

Empowerment Programs, Sessions,
& Workshops

USA: Global Outreach
Phone, Zoom, Skype

Laura Whitworth


Clinical Hypnotherapist
Entity Releasement Specialist
Quantum Healer


Website has list of Practitioners who have studied her methods.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

For difficult to release entities, hypnosis with a therapist trained in Spirit Releasement can be very effective.
The link below will lead you to a list of practitioners trained in QHHT, created by the late Dolores Cannon.
Look for those who specialize in spirit releasement.

Katerina Lenarcic

Reiki Master, Evolutionary Life Coach,
Removal of Dark Entities and Implants,
Light Language Specialist, Shadow Work
Connections to Higher Self, Angelic and Galactic Energies

In Person: Adelaide, South Australia

Zoom, Skype, Email

Kristi Borst

Integrative Healing, Spiritual Guidance
InnerSelf Reconnection

In Person: ME and MA, USA

Phone, Internet


Jackie Rioux

Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Emotion Code, Intuitive Energy Healer, TFT Tapping

In Person: Prince George, BC, Canada

Phone, Zoom, Email

Petra Steffen

Hypnosis, Past Life Regression,
Beyond Quantum Healing, EMDR,
Trance Journeys

In Person: Dusseldorf, Germany and Ibiza, Spain

Zoom, Skype, Facetime

Speaks: English, German

Joanna Whitney

Certified Emotion Code,
Body Code and
Belief Code Practitioner  

In Person: Thornton, Colorado, USA

Phone, Zoom, Skype