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Love Meditation

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Enjoy this simple, yet powerful meditation to increase self-love.

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You may have seen pictures of religious icons having a Divine Flame or sun in the heart region. Every conscious being has this Divine Flame, which is our connection to the Source of All.

The Heart Connection can help you to increase self-love, connect with the Creator, your Higher Self, the Masters of Light and other humans. It is also a way to energetically heal imbalances with people and traumatic events.


Place your left hand on your upper heart region. Then place your right hand on top of your left hand.

Then well up feelings of love and gratitude.

Your hands become an electrical circuit and will create an energetic loop coming from the front side of your Divine Flame, going into your left palm, up your arm, through the back side of your heart/flame, down your right arm, out of your palm and back into your heart.

Feel the energy and warmth of your heart/flame.
Allow the energy to flow through your entire body and auric field.

The Heart Connection is a powerful method to increase self-love and remain emotionally balanced. Do the Heart Connection as mentioned above.

Connect with your Divine Flame. Fan your Flame with feelings of love and gratitude. Bring to mind happy memories and acts of kindness you have performed.

Send love and gratitude to your body, mind and soul. Receive the love coming back to you. Know that you are loved
beyond measure.

Be grateful for the opportunity to be on earth at this moment. Relax and enjoy the love connection.

This is a great way to start and end every day. You can do this while resting in bed with your eyes closed.

As you groom for the day, make the Heart Connection while looking in the mirror. Amp up your self-love throughout the day while you are driving, walking or going about your busy day.

Simply visualize your hands on your heart while giving yourself a dose of self-love whenever you feel unbalanced or need to be uplifted.

Click here to download the full Heart Connection process.
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