Join us in the Ethers on January 21, 2019!

Join us in the Ethers on January 21, 2019!


January 21, 2019


Join us in the ethers for this powerful cleanse!


Suggested donation: $5-20 USD


For more information and to register, please visit:


Participating in the group Cleanse offers a two-way blessing.
You will receive the healing energies of the SoulCleanse Team.


In addition, your Soul and Spirit Team offers their love and support to all who are present and moving beyond as the blessings ripple outward from our local area then throughout the world.


This creates a highly energized healing event for all involved.


Your Soul oversees the work performed to ensure that you do not receive anything that is not for your highest good.




During the Celestial Cleanse, you will experience the following blessings.


Energetic Balance

DNA Enhancement

Auric Shield Repair

Chakra Alignment and Attunement

Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Cleansing

Energetic Cleansing of your Home, Automobiles and Pets

Non-beneficial cords from this life will be cut, healed and sealed.



In addition, The SoulCleanse℠ Team and Heavenly Helpers

will shower you with their love, gratitude and healing energies.


Each person’s Soul oversees the work performed.





If you or someone you know has entity interference,

addictions or other life-altering problems and would

like a more in-depth, personal SoulCleanse,



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