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Jamie V: Inmate’s Letter of Appreciation

I recently received this note from JAMIE V. who is incarcerated in a Florida Prison.

“Dear Reverend Crabtree,

I have recently finished Enlightenment Behind Bars and WOW! It really blew my mind. So amazing.

Sometimes I feel so alone on my search for truth and awareness and it was so amazing to hear so much positivity and enlightenment from other inmates.

I also read Mayan Messages daily and it has opened my eyes to a lot of new ways of thinking and perceiving.

I would really like to request a copy of Universal Truth for my studies.

Thank you!!! In love and gratitude!”

If you would like to help get my self-empowering books into the hands of inmates, your donation would be greatly appreciated!

(FYI Enlightenment Behind Bars is a series of spiritual lessons written by inmates that I collated with inmates I have befriended over the years through my prison ministry.

All proceeds from books purchased on my website goes to support Books 4 Inmates.

Monetary donations are also appreciated to help stock the above-mentioned books in prison libraries, as well as donating copies to individual inmates like Jamie.

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